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iMatrix-511 SILK (Transgenic Silkworm Cocoon)(Size 175ug - Sample Size) *** One Time Purchase Only ***

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Product Description

iMatrix-511 SILK

Laminin 511 is known to bind to Intergin α6β1 of the cell surface.

iMatrix-511 SILK is recombinant human Laminin 511-E8 fragments expressed by transgenic silkworm cocoon.

Product Size : 175ug  (175ug x 1 pcs.)


iMatrix-511 SILK can be used as cell culture matrix for various cell types including ES/iPS cells.


Liquid Solution (175ug/vial @0.5mg/mL Solvent: PBS(-)) 

**Specification **
Format: Solution (175ug/vial @0.5mg/mL)
Storage temperature: 2-15°C


The dissociation constant of the binding activity with integrin α6β1 is under 10nM.



1. Dilute the solution with sterile PBS (-). Coat dishes with 0.5ug/cm². Add 2mL of diluted iMatrix-511 solution to the well.

* The optimum coating concentration depends on cell lines from 0.1 to 1.5ug/cm². (For example, when you use 6-well plate (9.6 cm²/well), add 9.6ul iMatrix-511 (4.8ug) in 1.99ml of PBS(-).)

2. Incubate for 1 hour at 37°C, 3 hours at room temperature, or over night at 4°C.

3. Remove remaining fluid from the coated surface. No rinse is needed.

4. Immediately plate the cells at desired density.

*** Don't allow the plate to dry.

**** Briefly spin down all liquid in the tube before use.

***** Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

****When culturing ES/iPS cell, Feeder Free and Single cell subculture can be done using iMatrix-511.*****

*License to manufacture and sell this product has been obtained from Osaka University & Kyoto University.*


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